Garage Conversions (ADU)

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Accessory Dwelling Unit

There are times when we need an Room Additions North Hollywood  for office or personal purposes in our house, and we are thinking of building a room next to the house or dividing one of the bedrooms to make it an additional room. But who would have thought of your garage becoming that extra room? That extra room is called an Accessory Dwelling Unit, ADU for short; many things are called, such as mother-in-law cabins. Garage Conversion (ADU) offers you a more affordable way to make use of your garage, be it your office or other rooms that can be productive or will be for your needs. Our contractors are highly skilled regarding converting your garage to any type of room that would suit your needs. North Hollywood Contractor  experts have perfect ideas that would benefit you. We can convert your garage into any of the rooms below:

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Guest Room

You and your guests will have more privacy since there will be space from your bedroom to the ADU. And your guest will have plenty of space since a garage is quite spacious.


If you have kids, it is a great idea to convert your garage to a playroom because it will have enough room to accommodate you and your kids and will be able to move freely.

Storage Closet

For your old furniture and clothes, this is a perfect spot to keep them. The room is very accessible compared to the attic. And with enough space, you will be able to keep them neat and organized.

Laundry Area

Because of its space, you can make use of it as your laundry room. You can put two washing machines, and you will still have enough space to move comfortably.

We provide more design or room suggestions that would benefit you. Some of them are a sunroom, an office, mudroom, etc.

The Advantages Of Converting Your Garage To An ADU

Converting your garage to an ADU gives advantages aside from adding value to your home. Garage Conversions (ADU) North Hollywood mentions below the beneficial points that you can enjoy when deciding to convert your garage to an ADU:

  • More Storage Space. When you decide to have your garage convert to an ADU, whichever type of room it is, it can free your house from furniture or other stuff because you will have an extra room where you can place them; it would be easier to organize your things.

  • More Living Space. Because the garage turned into a room, people can move freely as you can either use the room for an additional bedroom or storage, it would give your house an extra room.

  • It Is Quick To Complete. With our experience, we can finish the project without taking too much time. Since the base of the structure is already built, adding some additional features and furniture would be easy for our experts.

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