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Room Additions

There are times that we need an extra room for our house. It could be for a few possible reasons. The most common ones are having a family member moving in, or you are expecting a baby. No matter what your reason is, adding a room to your house can help you a lot. Doing it yourself is an option to save money, but if you have the time and you are an expert in adding rooms. Because if you do not have any idea what you are doing, the project would cost you a lot of money since there will be a lot of mistakes, and the quality will be poorly done. North Hollywood Contractor are experts in room additions. We have connections to suppliers, and we have good relationships with the labor force to help you finish that extra room with a top-quality build. We are highly experienced in adding rooms to a house, so our experts can recommend designs that would be very beneficial for you. You do not need to worry about the materials as we have connections even outside the city to order the materials. No matter what type of room it is, we can do it.  

North Hollywood CA Contractor

More Space

Your house can have more space because that extra room can be used as a bedroom or storage or any room that would accommodate things or people. 

Room For Rent

You can have the extra room rented for an additional income. A very common website to put your room for rent is Airbnb; it will be available for tourists to rent, and you would have that extra cash coming in. 

Cheaper Than Moving

One of the common reasons why people move out is to have an extra room. But moving out is more expensive than simply adding a room.


We will provide you some tips before considering room additions for your house because we want you to have the fullest results:

  • Assess. You have to consider the space, designs, and features of the rooms. Our contractors are up-to-date with the latest trend about rooms. This means that we can guide and recommend the North Hollywood Home Builder for that spare room.

  • Purpose. You have to think about the question, “Why do I need a spare room?” If you are able to answer this straightly, then the project will have a clear direction, and we will be able to guide you perfectly.

  • Priority. The spare room features should be based on the importance; some designs or devices might be unnecessary and would eat space instead of giving you an extra one.

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Having a spare room is very beneficial for you and your house. Contact us now and receive our contractor’s advice to have suitable room additions for you.